I see a list of videos, but can't click on them

If you see a list of videos but the videos are not clickable links (see the first image below), then you are not on the correct page.

Most likely you clicked the 'Online Review' item in the main site navigation located at the very top of the page. This is not the correct page.

To access the proper page, you need to either log into your account, or click the blue 'My Account' button if you are already logged in.




Once you do that, you need to click the 'My Review' tab that is right next to the 'My Account' tab




Clicking the 'My Review' tab will take you to the correct page which displays all of the videos you have access to.


Please note that the image above may not represent what you have access to. The workbook sections links are only available to students who purchase our Online review. They are NOT part of our Live Review program.

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