What is Hurst Review's pass rate for first time takers?

Traditional nursing gradates who graduated in December 2014 and chose the Hurst Review Services live, online or classroom video review package for their preparation had over a 98% chance of passing their exam the first time.

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    kristyn pack

    How do you determine this pass rate?

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    Before I sign up for hurst they answer their phone every-time I called but when I failed the first time they barely answer their phone and when they did they didn't even ask me, "how did you fail." They send me to the remediation which told me to go through the same thing. I went over everything word, and I have watched the luctures. But I failed again. Ever since they have not picked their phone on me. I used my wife's' phone once and they answered. I cried and suffered everyday with empty welled. I am not saying hurst is bad for everyone but I am saying it is not good for everyone. My story with hurst don't conclude there

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