How is Hurst different from other reviews?

We supply everything you need to pass the NCLEX with confidence! Hurst Review provides a concise and organized study plan for you, and we take a manageable step-by-step approach. You can put everything else away!  

Hurst Review's study plan focuses on Must-know Core Content and Critical Thinking first.  Core content is imperative information that you must have in your long term memory so that you can understand the "how's" and "why's" of nursing. This assists you with critically thinking through any question - even things you've never heard of before. Our lectures use multiple teaching strategies with direct interaction and engagement, as well as visual animations and our student workbook to enhance each student learner.

The next step is reviewing Testing Strategies. Ours are NCLEX specific.... not general test taking skills. We utilize these throughout the review as we apply them to clinical scenarios and practice questions. We have a specialized lecture on our testing strategies as well.

And finally, we want you to practice. We provide Practice Exams and Questions to get you accustomed to testing like the NCLEX. We have Readiness Exams/ Simulators which includes 4 exams with 125 questions each. We also have a Qbank/Customizer that provides thousands of practice questions that you can take in quiz mode or flashcard mode. You can also choose the number of questions you want to take (10, 25, or 50) and you may choose the content areas. 


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